Tattoo Removal


The tattoo removal market is a rapidly expanding laser application. Now you can enter this market and put your existing Nd:YAG laser to work removing tattoos with a new accessory from Paradigm Medical Corporation. Paradigm's Tattoo Removing Handpieces turn your existing SoftLight Nd:YAG laser into an effective tattoo removal system for a fraction of the cost of a new laser.

FDA Approved

The Paradigm Tattoo Removing Handpieces are designed specifically for use with the SoftLight Nd: YAG laser. Extensive clinical trials were undertaken that resulted in FDA approval for use in the United States. Not only is the Paradigm tattoo removal method effective, it is also safer and less painful than other laser systems, as there is no pinpoint bleeding during the procedure.

How this Works

Beyond Tattoo Removal

In addition to tattoo removal, these Parardigm handpieces are also effective for the treatment of Nevus of Ota (sub-surface pigmented lesion), skin peeling for treatment of Acne and Pseudofolliculitis and carbon-less hair removal. For improved tattoo removal results we recommend the use of Parardigms Feel Cool Handheld Dermal Cooler. Efficacy is improved and pain sensitivity is decreased by cooling the skin, before during and after the tattoo removal process. For more information about dermal cooling please ask for our Feel Cool data sheet. Paradigm also offers tattoo removal training. We recommend on site training by our staff using your laser system, or arrangements may be made to use our facility. Please contact Paradigm Medial Corporation for more details.

A new standard in achieving and caring for beautiful skin.

Providing superb results with substantially reduced risk of complication, lasers now play a central role in a wide range of medical and cosmetic uses. And SoftLight is at the forefront of bringing the therapeutic potential of laser light to an array of cosmetic skin procedures. More precise and selective than alternative treatment methods, SoftLight is ideally suited to treating skin without damaging delicate tissues. And SoftLight delivers new levels of comfort, convenience and effectiveness.

SoftLight is safe and effective for all skin colors. SoftLight is the only hair removal process that targets hair follicles, not skin pigment. For this reason, people with very fair or very dark skin may use SoftLight with confidence.

Only SoftLight has little to no risk of side effects. Other laser and flashlamp processes use higher energy levels and risk pigmentation change, scarring and other undesirable side effects.

Only SoftLight uses a lotion applied to the skin for enhanced performance. After tens of thousands of treatments, SoftLights patented process is the most proven technology available.