TLC DERMAL LASER CLINIC Inc. is dedicated to providing a long term cosmetics skin care solution to unwanted and excess body hair, with the state of the art and the latest in laser hair removal technology.

We have successfully treated countless patients, and our methods are the most recommended by physicians across the Lower Mainland.

For many people, laser hair removal is an intimate intimate experience, with some temporary minor discomfort. TLC Dermal Laser Clinic Inc. respects your privacy and offers tailored service in a confidential setting at all of our locations. Through every phase of treatment, from consultation to the completion of all treatments, our work is conducted with complete confidentiality, dignity and respect. This includes thorough attention to any and all personal aspects of client's questions about the laser hair removal treatment, TLC Dermal Laser Clinic Inc. offers the highest in quality assurance.

We have professionals, Canadian trained and Certified Technicians, since year 2000. We ensures that each client goes forward with the utmost confidence in his or her laser hair removal choice.

Cosmetic Medical Solutions

Lasers are fast becoming a widely used tool, as a complement to electrolysis. For quick and permanent hair reduction, laser technology is safe, effective, and easily performed. Because our clinics uniquely combine laser and electrolysis treatments, our clients benefit from the quickest permanent hair removal possible.

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