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Secrets of Laser Hair Removal

Critical Things You Should Know Before You Decide on Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular new method to get rid of unwanted hair. It works well for many people, but unfortunately, it is not effective for everyone. In addition, different clinics use different lasers and not every type of laser gives the same results.

Does It Work?

Clinical studies have proven that laser treatment provides a long term solution for unwanted hair. These studies have also shown that laser treatment is more effective in treating dark hair than treating red, blond or gray hair. In addition, people with dark skin may be difficult to treat with some lasers.

Other Facts You Should Know

  1. A medical doctor (MD) or a certified laser technician will need to determine if you are a suitable candidate for laser hair removal.
  2. Only certain lasers are approved by the FDA (US) and even fewer are approved by the FDA to advertise “permanent” hair removal.
  3. Without special precautions to cool the skin in the treated areas, laser treatment can be painful.
  4. Certain lasers work better on dark skin and the laser's power may have to be adjusted to properly treat darker skin.
  5. You may require multiple treatments for complete removal.

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