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SoftLight® Hair Removal System

Pure light. Pure complexion. Pure Genius.

The ultimate experience of hair-free skin awaits you. Introducing SoftLight Advanced technology for relief from unwanted hair. Using a low-energy laser and a proprietary, light-absorbing lotion, SoftLight represents the most important hair removal break-through of the past 50 years. The patented SoftLight process removes excess hair, puts an end to routine shaving, and leaves skin looking and feeling smoother and silkier.

SoftLight is more enduring than temporary treatments such as waxing, shaving, tweezing and depilatories. SoftLight also offers major practical and therapeutic advantages over electrolysis. Best of all, SoftLights clinically-tested procedure is safe, gentle, fast and effective.

As an integral part of your beauty regimen, you will soon arrive at the most important result of all: The confidence that comes from looking your best with smooth, youthful skin

SoftLight transcends alternative methods of hair removal.

In the United States alone, millions of men and women use techniques from tweezing, shaving and waxing, to depilatories and electrolysis, to remove unwanted facial and body hair. Of these, electrolysis has emerged as the most widely used method for long-term results. However, electrolysis commonly entails time, discomfort and long-term expense and its actual degree of permanence and side effects remains subject to debate.

SoftLight targets hair follicles for greater accuracy and a reduced likelihood of undesirable side effects. Moreover, SoftLight is effective for almost any area of the body.

Electrolysis is a tedious and painful process involving a needle/probe inserted into each hair follicle to destroy the hair bulb with an electric current.(See Illustration to the right.)

SoftLight works with the unique properties of your hair.

First, a few facts: Hair grows in cycles, and many factors influence its growth. Age, ethnicity, weight, metabolism, medication and hormones all play a part where and how your hair grows. Thus, it is difficult to predict how many treatments each individual will require to achieve the best long-term benefits.

SoftLight works with individual hair growth cycles to deliver long-lasting results regardless of hair or skin color and type. SoftLight actually slows the growing capacity of hair by disabling follicles that are growing hair at the time of treatment. Since other follicles may enter a growth cycle after treatment, multiple treatments deliver the best results.

The SoftLight process is safe, gentle, fast and effective. Advanced, yes. But SoftLight is also simple and convenient. First, the skin is cleansed. SoftLights Activation Lotion is then applied to the treatment area to penetrate the hair follicles.

After the lotion is applied, the treatment area is slowly scanned with the SoftLight laser. Unlike electrolysis, which treats one hair follicle at a time, SoftLight is able to treat large areas such as the legs and back.

Following treatment, the area is cleansed and you can return to your normal activities immediately. Actual treatment can last from a few minutes to an hour or so, depending on the size of the area being treated.

A new standard in achieving and caring for beautiful skin.

Providing superb results with substantially reduced risk of complication, lasers now play a central role in a wide range of medical and cosmetic uses. And SoftLight is at the forefront of bringing the therapeutic potential of laser light to an array of cosmetic skin procedures. More precise and selective than alternative treatment methods, SoftLight is ideally suited to treating skin without damaging delicate tissues. And SoftLight delivers new levels of comfort, convenience and effectiveness.

SoftLight is safe and effective for all skin colors. SoftLight is the only hair removal process that targets hair follicles, not skin pigment. For this reason, people with very fair or very dark skin may use SoftLight with confidence.

Only SoftLight has little to no risk of side effects. Other laser and flashlamp processes use higher energy levels and risk pigmentation change, scarring and other undesirable side effects.

Only SoftLight uses a lotion applied to the skin for enhanced performance. After tens of thousands of treatments, SoftLights patented process is the most proven technology available.