TLC Dermal Laser Clinic

Client Testimonials

M. T., Vancouver

I developed a facial hair problem 10 years ago. I was always embarrassed, and afraid someone would notice. I shaved for many years. Laser hair removal has been a blessing. In a few short months, I have gotten rid of the ugly and unwanted hairs. I have been so happy with the results that I am now having my underarms and bikini line treated. Thank you TLC!

N. S., Vancouver

My most pleasant surprise about Laser Hair Removal is that it will remove all or most of the hair with very few treatments. This procedure is painless. The maintenance is easy and doesn't have to be repeated as often as the other procedures I've had in the past. I've had maybe four treatments and most of the re-growth has been eliminated. I am very happy with the results. It really is the best thing I ever spent money on in my life.

J. K., Delta

The TLC Dermal Laser Clinic's staff were wonderful. They were very understanding of the embarrassment of unwanted hair. I had tried waxing and electrolysis because shaving gave me severe razor rash and lots of ingrown hairs. Thankfully, laser hair removal means minimal pain (some places actually tickled) with very little redness, which went away almost immediately. So far I have had the most problematic areas done (underarms and bikini line) and I am planning to have more areas done soon.

F. E., Delta

Thank you TLC for the help - I could not have imagined that I could look and feel so much better.

M. O., Surrey

Thank god I will never have to have my bikini line waxed again! I found waxing very painful and dreaded having to have it done each month. Now after only two treatments at TLC Dermal Laser Clinic, my bikini line is completely free of hair. It was the best money I ever spent!